1. Was the oldest member of American Juniors (2003), before the band was dropped.
  2. Sang the 1980s hit “Call Me” on American Juniors (2003), which was the performance that got her into the group.
  3. Has an older sister Maggie.
  4. Has a Yorkshire Terrier named Bentley that was a gift on her 15th birthday.
  5. Former girlfriend of David Henrie.
  6. Is the youngest of 3 children.
  7. Won the American Junior Competition in 2003.
  8. Has a step-brother named Wes.
  9. She was home-schooled. After moving to LA She went to Cordova Optional School in Memphis until then.
  10. Is close friends with Shenae Grimes-Beech and her Privileged (2008) co-star, Ashley Newbrough.
  11. Lucy Hale is now co-staring in ABC Family’s new hit show, Pretty Little Liars (2010), where she has the role of “Aria”, a 16 year-old-girl with many secrets. [June 2010]
  12. Was a guest star on Wizards of Waverly Place (2007), where her boyfriend, David Henrie, plays “Justin Russo”. [2008]
  13. It was announced that “Lucy Hale” had signed with the record label “Hollywood Records” [June 2012]
  14. Attended her best friend Katelyn Tarver’s wedding to David Blaise.
  15. Shares her name with Lucy Lambert Hale, daughter of a U.S. Senator who was secretly engaged to Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth.
  16. Friends with Drew Van Acker.
  17. Is only 15 years younger than Holly Marie Combs who plays her mother on Pretty Little Liars (2010).
  18. She is of English, Scottish, Irish, and some German, descent.
  19. Has become more popular for Eyebrow Make-Up and lots of people follow her Eyebrow Design.
  20. She has a passion for photography.