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Lucy Hale: My Blonde Hair Makeover Was… Lucy Hale: My Blonde Hair Makeover Was Inspired By ‘My ADD Brain’

Lucy Hale had hardly said goodbye to her ‘Pretty Little Liars’ character Aria Montgomery when she debuted a totally new hair look! Going blonde with a flattering ombré fade, Lucy told HollywoodLife why she went blonde and what she’s planning next.

Lucy Hale has always been the most experimental of the Pretty Little Liars crew when it comes to her hair. The 27-year-old has gone from long locks to a short bob and has tried out dark brunette colors as well as platinum blonde shades. After filming the final season for PLL, Lucy ditched the dark color her character Aria sports each week and lightened things up for fall.

Speaking to HollywoodLife at the PLL wrap event on Oct. 30, Lucy revealed why she decided to go blonde. “My ADD brain loves to do different things,” Lucy said. “I’ve always been willing to do crazy things with my hair, whether it’d be chopping it off or dyeing it a weird color. I had just been [a] brunette for so long, and I really wanted the complete opposite of that,” she explained.

As for how long she’ll keep her new blonder (and longer) look, Lucy shared, “For a little bit at least! I don’t know how long it will last.” She has already gone from a dark bob to bangs to a blonde lob in just the span of a month, after all.

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