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18 March 2020   Articles Lucy No Comments

Lucy Hale is trying to help save countless dogs amid the coronavirus crisis. The “Katy Keene” star took to Instagram to alert fans that L.A. County is planning on shutting all of its animal shelters due to the pandemic. As Hale explained, that likely means dogs housed in the shelters will be euthanized if they cannot be found foster homes. Hale urged fans to contact a number of organizations to

12 March 2020   Articles Lucy No Comments

Lucy Hale doesn’t care what guys take into consideration how she appears. In her March 2020 cowl story for Cosmopolitan, the previous “Fairly Little Liars” actress, 30, known as chopping about eight inches off of her brown hair “essentially the most liberating factor” she’s ever finished, added that she’s stunned by the opinions males appear to have relating to her magnificence look. “I couldn’t let you know the quantity of