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Posted on February 27, 2023 / by Belle in Articles

Lucy Hale is continuing to go public with her sobriety journey, revealing in a new interview that it took her around 13 years to get sober.

“I’ve never talked publicly about being sober ― I have a little over a year of sobriety,” the “Pretty Little Liars” star said on an episode of “The Diary of a CEO” podcast released on Wednesday. “I’ve been working on getting sober since I was 20. I’m 33. It takes time. It took time. And it took patience with myself.”

Hale confessed that she’s “had a problem” with alcohol from the time that she had her first drinking experience when she was 14, explaining that she was a “textbook binge drinker” who would black out.

“I’ve never had a period of my life where I was a normal, moderate drinker. It was always, ‘Let’s go,’” Hale said, adding that she “was willing to just go to this crazy, dark place every time” and felt that when she was drinking, she was her “truest self.”

“Of course, I tried to be a moderate drinker, just having two,” the actor said, explaining that she views her relationship with drinking as someone who has “an allergy to alcohol.”

“My brain doesn’t work the same way as someone who can just have a glass of wine. It always wants more. It’s like, craving that feeling,” she said, later adding that “Alcohol isn’t the problem — the problem is this feeling inside of me.”

“I tried to change for boyfriends, I tried to change for my mom, I tried to change for my career, I tried to change for vain reasons: I’m like, ‘Well, I’ll look younger and be skinner ― I’ll stop drinking for that,’” she admitted. “None of that shit works.”

Hale recently disclosed that she celebrated one year of sobriety in January, calling it “the greatest thing I’ve ever done.”

“While this journey has mostly been private, I felt compelled tonight to let anyone who is struggling know that you are not alone and you are loved,” she said.


Posted on September 07, 2022 / by Belle in Articles

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin isn’t the show fans love and remember—but that’s not a bad thing.

OG star Lucy Hale is actually digging Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s spin on the original series. “It’s really good,” she told E! News. “There’s a new fresh take on it.

While Pretty Little Liars, which aired seven seasons on Freeform (formerly ABC Family), followed a group of friends haunted by an unknown person for their own secrets, the HBO Max show centers on a new set of liars who are on the hook for their mothers’ sins. But the differences between the series aren’t so big that it will turn OG fans away. If anything, it may even garner a new audience in horror lovers, with Lucy saying, “It’s different. It’s scary and it’s really dark.

While Lucy doesn’t appear in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (yet), the actress was happy to be involved in the premiere, which she hosted. “I knew my life would change, but to be here, hosting something for a new generation of liars is pretty wild,” she said. “It just goes to show—I don’t want to say legacy because that’s a huge word—but the legacy of PLL is living on and I think that’s so flattering.

Lucy also reflected on PLL’s legacy in her own life—namely her fashion sense. She noted that if it was not for playing Aria Montgomery, she may not be the style maven she is today. “I wasn’t a risk taker,” she explained. “I don’t know that I would have been willing to take risks outside of the show, so it helped me embrace my inner fashionista.

Will she be bringing back Aria’s enviable wardrobe for Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin? So far, no word yet on any guest appearances from the original liars: Lucy, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario or Shay Mitchell. But there’s always a small chance it could happen as back when the reboot was first announced, Shay told E!’s Daily Pop that she’d “never say never” when it comes to reprising her role as Emily.

For now, the four are letting viewers get acquainted with new characters Imogen (Bailee Madison), Tabby (Chandler Kinney), Faran (Zaria), Mouse (Malia Pyles) and Noa (Maia Reficco). These girls find themselves being targeted by a masked assailant, sending them down a rabbit hole as they look for answers to uncover A’s identity.


Posted on July 17, 2022 / by Vicki in Articles, Lucy

One of Lucy Hale’s comments on her own Instagram post is causing some uproar among her fans who claim they are “really disappointed” in the “Pretty Little Liars” star.

The actress shared a heartfelt Instagram post for Fathers Day, posting a picture of her and her dad with the caption, “You taught me to have soul. I love you daddy.”

According to Fox News, fans became upset when she commented to a friend, “ugh I was so fat.” Comments seem to have since been disabled on the post.

“Extremely disappointing to see someone that I consider a role model refer to themselves as ‘fat’ on a public platform where other girls can also see it,” wrote a fan with the username anastasiafranciotti.

“Probably not a great thing to say that this weight was ‘fat,’ considering how many young girls are going to read that and get upset about their bodies,” paigee_larson commented, while Kasseyh89 added, “Really disappointed that you would use this type of language knowing young girls look up to you. Esp because you were nowhere near overweight you may reinforce harmful thoughts in these impressionable minds.”

Other people pointed out that her comment may “sound offensive” to “people who really are fat and who are big fans of you.”

“Lucy I love you but please, you have never been fat in your entire life, there are people who are really fat and really struggle with their weight and maybe they look up to you so please do not say these things even as a joke,” another user wrote, according to Teen Vogue.

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Posted on June 29, 2022 / by Vicki in Articles, Which Brings Me To You

Which Brings Me to You, the upcoming romantic comedy featuring Ragdoll and Truth or Dare star Lucy Hale, has closed multiple international deals following its pitch to global buyers at last month’s Cannes International Film Market.

Mister Smith Entertainment, which is handling world sales on the project, said Which Brings Me To You has pre-sold to Signature Entertainment for the U.K., Leonine for Germany, SND for France, Ascot Elite for Switzerland and Rialto for Australia/New Zealand. Mister Smith is in negotiations for the remaining global territories.

Which Brings Me to You will see Hale re-team with her The Hating Game director Peter Hutchings, playing a freelance journalist who hooks up with a photographer at a mutual friend’s wedding. But when the pair sneak off to a coat room, instead of a quickie one-night stand, they spend the next 24 hours sharing stories of their most embarrassing sexual encounters, first loves and heartbreaks. Keith Bunin (Onward, Horns) wrote the screenplay to Which Brings Me to You, adapting the Julianna Baggott/Steve Almond novel.

Claude Dal Farra and Brian Keady of BCDF Pictures are producing the film, with Hale as an executive producer. Shooting is set to begin in the U.S. this summer.

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Posted on June 17, 2022 / by Vicki in Articles

EXCLUSIVE: Keir Gilchrist (Atypical) and Lucy Hale (The Hating Game) will topline Daniel André’s debut feature, Mort in Sherman Oaks—an offbeat romance that will also star Francesca Eastwood (Old), Jim Gaffigan (Linoleum), Jay Pharoah (SNL), Rhys Coiro (Paradise City) and more.

The film written by André is about a down-and-out mortician living in near-future Los Angeles, where individuals can receive their LDC (life day count) by using a specific scientific method. When Mort (Gilchrist) finds out he has less than a year to live, his fiancé Nicole (Eastwood) leaves him and he’s forced to accept his fate. Mort joins a dating service that matches people by their death dates and meets Kate (Hale), all while being stalked by a deranged pimp named Simon (Coiro).

Monica Potter (Goliath), Clara McGregor (The Birthday Cake), Dustin Milligan (Schitt’s Creek), Leslie Stratton (Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman), Dylan Flashner (The Card Counter), Lisa Yaro (Asking for It) and Isaac Singleton Jr. (The Mandalorian) round out the cast. André, Greg Lauritano, Lucas Jarach and Luke Daniels are producing, with Savoy Brummer, Robert Ogden Barnum, Jeff Rice, Rick Sasner, Stanley Preschutti, Ruben Islas, Robert Chan, Joel Michaely and Matt Shapira serving as executive producers. ICM Partners is handling sales.

Gilchrist starred as Sam Gardner on Netflix’s series Atypical and was previously a core cast member on Showtime’s United States of Tara. Notable film credits include The Stanford Prison Experiment, It Follows, It’s Kind of a Funny Story and The Rocker. The actor will next appear in HBO Max’s Candy Montgomery miniseries Love and Death led by Elizabeth Olsen, and Robert Kolodny’s boxing drama, Pep.

Hale played Aria Montgomery on Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars, also notably portraying the titular character on The CW’s Katy Keene. The actress has also been seen on series including Ragdoll and Riverdale, among others. Notable film credits include The Hating Game, Truth or Dare, The Unicorn, Scream 4 and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Hale will next be seen in the dramedy The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry with Kunal Nayyar, and the thriller The Gemini Lounge with Ashley Greene and Emile Hirsch.

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Posted on May 13, 2022 / by Vicki in Articles, Lucy

The Hating Game star Lucy Hale is to reunite with director Peter Hutchings in rom-com Which Brings Me To You.

Mister Smith Entertainment will launch sales at Cannes Market next week on the pic, which will see Pretty Little Liars and Roadkill star Hale play Jane, a freelance journalist, who meets a photographer Will and is immediately drawn to him at a mutual friend’s wedding. After the pair sneak off to hook up in the coat room, all signs point to an empty one-night stand. Instead, over the next 24 hours, they share stories of their most embarrassing sexual encounters, first loves, heartbreak and whirlwind romances, discovering each other through heartwarming, hilarious and sometimes tragic tales.

The Hating Game star Lucy Hale is to reunite with director Peter Hutchings in rom-com Which Brings Me To You.

Mister Smith Entertainment will launch sales at Cannes Market next week on the pic, which will see Pretty Little Liars and Roadkill star Hale play Jane, a freelance journalist, who meets a photographer Will and is immediately drawn to him at a mutual friend’s wedding. After the pair sneak off to hook up in the coat room, all signs point to an empty one-night stand. Instead, over the next 24 hours, they share stories of their most embarrassing sexual encounters, first loves, heartbreak and whirlwind romances, discovering each other through heartwarming, hilarious and sometimes tragic tales.

The pic sees Hale and Hutchings reunite following last year’s The Hating Game for Hulu, which starred Hale and Austin Stowell as two executive assistants forced to work together when their publishing companies are merged. Hale has just finished shooting on The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry and is also exec producing Which Brings Me To You.

Based on the novel by Julianna Baggott and Steve Almond and adapted for the screen by Keith Bunin, the film is produced by BCDF Pictures, with Mister Smith launching global sales next week. Claude Dal Farra and Brian Keady are producing.

Dal Farra said: “We are excited to be working again with Peter and Lucy on what will be a fun and moving adaptation of Steve Almond and Julianna Baggott’s wonderful novel.”


Posted on April 02, 2022 / by Vicki in Articles

Twilight star Ashley Greene and Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale have teamed up for a new crime thriller titled Gemini Lounge.

As reported by Deadline, the film follows a demoted detective who is offered a shot at glory: go undercover in order to take down the most ruthless killer working for the mob. But things start to unravel as he loses himself in the role. Could he end up losing sight of his goal and becoming what he set out to destroy?

The detective will be played by Once Upon a Time in Hollywood‘s Emile Hirsch, while The Mandalorian‘s Jake Cannavale, Die Hard‘s Robert Davi, The Secret Life of the American Teenager‘s Greg Finley, Fast Time at Ridgemont High‘s James Russo, Godfather of Harlem‘s Bo Dietl, Mob City‘s Jeremy Luke, Gravesend‘s Sid Rosenberg and Hirsch’s Hollywood co-star Vincent Laresca also star.

“We are so excited to have Lucy join the cast as our female lead, Gina. She brings incredible range and charisma and it is a really exciting role,” said director Danny A Abeckaser in a statement.

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Posted on March 20, 2022 / by Vicki in Articles, Lucy
We all have bad days—but there are some things you can do to set yourself up for a better one. This is something actress Lucy Hale knows, recently spilling on the morning routine she swears by to ensure her days get off to the best starts possible during an event with Almay in Los Angeles—and it comes with a little mind trick.

“What gets me going? Coffee obviously,” Hale says, laughing. “But something I do no matter what time I have to get up for work, wherever I am in the world, is wake up an hour earlier to actually have time—if I start manic, I’m going to have a really crappy day, rest assured. I’m going to be irritable; you’re not going to want to be around me. I always make sure I have a slow morning to do whatever it is I need to do.”

Another reason to implement Hale’s tip? Slow mornings (particularly with coffee) is also a big component in longevity, with the longest living humans in the world starting their day in just this way. Hale also revealed that she begins her mornings by writing down what she hopes to achieve—another thing tied to longevity. Ikigai is a Japanese concept that focuses on having a “why(aka your soul’s purpose)—what are you getting up for and what’s the emphasis of your day?

On top of Hale’s list of what she hopes to achieve, she also creates a gratitude list every a.m. “I start and write things I’m grateful for… it really does help me,” she says. Research suggests that a gratitude practice can aid in a reduced risk of depression and anxiety, and a boost in happiness and well-being. Gratitude has been linked to improved sleepless stresslower blood pressure, and improved immune function. (So it may be time to try a gratitude practice, even if you’re a skeptic.)

Ultimately, for Hale, it all comes down to self care in the morning. “Get that coffee cranking, puppy time, face mask if I have time, all those things,” she says.


Posted on March 04, 2022 / by Vicki in Articles, Lucy

When you have adult acne, it’s easy to feel alone, as if you’re the only one getting breakouts past the age of 18. However, anywhere between 12% and 22% of women ages 26 through 44 experience acne, and that number is increasing by the day (on the other hand, only around 3% of adult men experience the condition). In our Acne Diaries series, we’re asking influential women who happen to have acne about their relationship with their skin and the products they use to keep it happy. Next up: actor Lucy Hale.

You’d think acne would have been the least of Lucy Hale’s concerns when she showed up on set to film Pretty Little Liars. But it often wasn’t newfound fame, nailing her lines, or navigating on-set relationships that caused her the most stress; it was her constant breakouts.

“There were tears,” Hale tells Glamour. “There were days when I didn’t want to be in front of a camera. I remember vividly one day we were filming Pretty Little Liars—and the show’s called Pretty Little Liars, so they wanted us to look a certain way—we had to specially light my skin to reflect in a different way so you wouldn’t see my acne. I remember being just so embarrassed and mortified.

“When you’re growing up and you have bad skin, it’s just another added layer of getting comfortable with who you are,” she says of why her skin had such an effect on her sense of self. “I think the reason I’m so obsessed with skin care and beauty is because I struggled with my skin—you just want to crawl in a hole. It feels very isolating, and it can feel so heavy and so difficult. Looking back, I wish I could have had more grace and compassion with myself, but when you’re in it, it’s excruciating.”

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Posted on January 14, 2022 / by Vicki in Articles, Pretty Little Liars

Lucy Hale is expressing gratitude for Pretty Little Liars. ET’s Denny Directo spoke with the 32-year-old actress in support of her new flick, Borrego, and Hale was shocked to learn that the five-year anniversary of the PLL finale is right around the corner.

“Well, now I feel old, because I thought it was three years ago. But what has the last two years been, anyway?” Hale told ET, alluding to quarantine and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. “I’m confused. Wow. That’s really humbling.”

Hale starred as Aria Montgomery on the Freeform series, from its premiere in 2010 to its finale in June 2017. The experience, she said, “changed my life.”

“[I’m] grateful for it. Grateful for all it brought to me,” she said. “I now get to do all different types of roles because of that show. I’ll never forget that. I’ll always have gratitude for that.”

Back in September 2020, HBO Max announced that it’s given a direct-to-series order to a new PLL series. Titled Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, the show, which will be helmed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Lindsay Calhoon Bring, will take place in a new town, with new secrets and new Little Liars, but remain in the PLL universe. Chandler Kinney, Maia Reficco, Bailee Madison, Zaria and Malia Pyles are set to star.

“I’m excited for this new group of girls. I hope it does well. I really do,” Hale told ET. “I think people want me to be upset about it and I’m stoked for them. I want to watch. It’s exciting.”

As for the advice she’d offer the new Little Liars, Hale said, “Just enjoy it. Your life’s going to change. Just soak it all in. I wasn’t always that way. I was always thinking 10 steps ahead, so I would miss out on moments. Ride the wave. Stay around good people.”

Read more and view the video at the source.

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