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July 23, 2022   Vicki   Site Updates

Maybe we haven’t seen the last of Aria in the Pretty Little Liars universe. Ahead of the premiere of the sequel series, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, on HBO Max this month, original series star Lucy Hale hosted the premiere of the new show. Speaking with Extra at the event, Hale described how coming back to host the spinoff’s premiere felt like a full-circle moment as it had her recalling when she first joined Pretty Little Liars and how it forever changed her life.

“It’s definitely full-circle. I think I knew when I booked Pretty Little Liars that my life was going to change, but the magnitude of it, I had no idea. I didn’t think I’d be hosting something for a reimagining of the story… I’m honored and I’m excited… I watched the first two episodes and it’s really freaking cool.”

Hale went on to describe her reaction to watching the new series, appreciating that Original Sin offers some familiar elements – such as the introduction of a new “A” – while presenting an all-new take with more of a slasher movie vibe.

“I mean, there’s so many parts of it where the original fans will grasp onto, but there is a new take on it. They really hone in on the slasher horror thing, and it’s very scary. The acting’s great, the writing’s great, and it’s really fun, but there’s enough newness that it feels really fresh.”

All too often, actors who’d spent many years on a television series are eager to move on once the show is over so they can stay focused on new projects rather than remain in the past. This is not how Hale feels, as she regaled to Extra. While Hale has certainly kept herself busy with new roles in the years since Pretty Little Liars ended, she has been keeping the door open with a “never say never” attitude about a possible return of Aria, though nothing is set in stone at this time.

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