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July 1, 2021   Vicki   Articles, Ragdoll

Lucy Hale is heading back to her crime and murder days with the new limited AMC series, Ragdoll and with consideration to her being a true crime fan, the opportunity is a thrilling one for her. The actress played a rather intriguing role of Aria Montgomery in the popular series Pretty Little Liars, but now she’s stepping into the new and “dark” series as DC Lake Edmunds. During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Hale revealed that while she can’t discuss too many details just yet, the role is incredibly unique.

“It’s based off of a book series and it’s really different. It’s a different type of project for me, just tonally,” the 32-year-old shared after revealing she has been across the pond in the U.K. filming the anticipated limited British-produced series. “The whole thing is just so exciting because I’m the girl that loves true crime. I listen to every podcast; I watch every documentary. I don’t know what it is about so many women and girls my age, we just are obsessed.” Hale goes on to state how she believes it’s the “psychology behind it all” and discovering what “makes people tick” as to why so many people are just as interested in true crime as she is. “So this show is a lot of that […] it’s dark; it’s really dark.”

According to IMDb and a report from Variety, Ragdoll is the story of how “detectives look to untangle the case of the Ragdoll Killer, who has killed six people and sewn their bodies into the shape of one grotesque body nicknamed the Ragdoll.” Hale added, “We all have this curiosity about death and the afterlife and I think it’s all of it. Like, the unknown, we want to know more about the unknown and the unfathomable, so it just blows my mind that there are people that do things like this.”

While the book series, written by author Daniel Cole, may be fictional, Hale did explain that the new show pulls from real-life experiences as well. “It really is the psychology behind it all. And in our show, we really draw from some things that have actually happened. So that’s a whole other added element that just makes it very real. And it’s crazy. It’s very fun though,” Hale detailed.

Though she is delving into the darkness with her latest project, Hale is simultaneously shining a light on helping the planet when it comes to pet owners. The actress recently partnered with KARMA to launch a sustainable, plant-based dog food that will help the carbon footprint, something Hale feels very passionate about. “I’ve just been trying to be a little more sustainable […] more recycling, less single-use plastic, driving less, giving away unused items.” She admitted, before her partnership with the dog food brand, she didn’t know there was a plant-based dog food out there, but is happy to hop on board.


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