Hello guys, I’m really sorry for the delay. On March 28th, she was seen doing her jog in Hollywood. Check it out !

Hello guys ! Yesterday morning, Lucy was in Good Morning America with Shay & Troian. I added a pictures of it, take a look on the gallery. Enjoy =)

Hello guys ! I added some candids of Lucy leaving her hotel in New York. I love her outfits. Also you can find in the gallery the high quality scans from Capricho magazine. The girls looks so gorgeous! Enjoy =)

Good evening guys !
Recently, Lucy was seen, by some paparazzis, in New York. Also, Yesterday, Lucy, Troian and Shay was on the show “The View” ! Also i added the photos of Lucy in the street. I love her dress, she looks beautiful ! Enjoy =)

Hey ! Like i said, here the rest of the news. I added tons of candids from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with Shay Mitchell ! Enjoy it =)

Hello guys ! I Just added the last candid of Lucy ! Thursday Lucy was in Vancouver with Chris on the set of The Secret Circle ! Also Saturday, Lucy was see at the coffee shop ! Enjoy =)

Hello everyone ! Lucy was seen at the airport Tuesday. I don’t like her pants, he’s not really beautiful ! Enjoy =)

Hey guys ! Yesterday, Lucy and his new boyfriend Chris Zylka (Jake in The Secret Circle) were seen in Vancouver. They are too cute together ! Enjoy =)